and on this Saturday night...

This afternoon, my sister (and photographer) and I went to see The Giver. Conveniently, this meant we were also at the mall. Our city's mall does not have the best stores, I'll admit, but I can always find something I like while wandering. I ended up walking away with new jewelry, a lipstick, and a bag for less than $75--including the ticket for an amazing movie.
My lipstick is "Peach Me" by Revlon, and it is such a nice shade: not too pink, not too orange, and just the right amount of shine. My bag is from Target, and I am so happy to have found such a quality purse for a good price. And my layered necklaces are from Ardenes, a store that I haven't entered since the 5th grade. I bought these cute ones knowing that they aren't the best quality, but this way I'm just able to buy more to stack. Dainty jewelry is the best touch to any outfit.

I absolutely adore this bag: it is the perfect size for going out or going back to school, and it was cheap without compromising the quality. It'll have to do until I finally get the nerve to buy my beloved Kate Spade bag. It's ability to be casual or an accessory to a dressier outfit is much like that of my new dainty necklaces. I bought them before trying them on and when I finally did, they were much longer than I'd been hoping and so now I have knots in the back of the chain and they sit where I like them to. So ha.

Hopefully no one looks to closely.

So much love,



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