I am so in love with the Ashish S/S15 show from London Fashion Week. Everything about it.

The entire show was sparkling, a personal preference of mine, and it was so fun. I think that this show really encompassed what Fashion Week is all about. It's about going all out. Some do that through their sets and venues--like Tommy Hilfiger and POLO Ralph Lauren at NYFW--and others through their pieces, like Moschino dressing up their models like Barbie dolls or Ashish immortalizing Kimye in the most appropriate way--with sparkles. 

What originally caught my eye from this show was the jeans (paired with the Kimye sweater) with the members of One Direction's faces on them. I saw them and I thought, This is it. This is the day everything comes full circle. This is the moment where I know that everything I love can have a place in my life. And, ok, I realize that's a lot to get from a pair of jeans, but lately I've been feeling 1D as heck and these jeans just made me so freaking happy. And from there, I saw sparkly hair and sparkly snake skin and sparkly boys and I was hooked. 

Oh, and as if they hadn't made a statement enough with their line, they used only black models. So yeah. You try not to love it; let me know how it goes.


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